Imagine IC’s stagiaire methodeontwikkeling Iliana Tatsi blikt terug

UvA Masterstudent Iliana Tatsi deed het afgelopen half jaar onderzoek bij Imagine IC. Hieronder een terugblik (in het Engels).

"...My time at imagine IC was exceptional! I was there for almost five months, and even from my first week I was amazed at how warm, friendly, and open the environment was. Everybody welcomed me in the best way possible, providing me with friendly smiles and interesting discussions.

Imagine IC's stagiaire methodeontwikkeling Iliana Tatsi blikt terug
Imagine IC's stagiaire methodeontwikkeling Iliana Tatsi blikt terug

The main aim of my internship was to do research on the EmErEd project (Emotienetwerken rond Erfgoed in Educatieve settings), as a new understanding and method for exploring and mapping emotions around heritage. Of course this involved a lot of reading, and there is no better place to do that than Imagine IC. Being able to watch how different exhibitions were built and how much of a role the neighbourhood and the surrounding community played in the process, was compelling.

I learned a lot from my time at Imagine IC, evolving professionally and having a better grasp of the academic discourses on my professional field. As a part of the EmErEd project I got the chance to meet academics and heritage professionals that expanded my horizons and provided me with tools to further explore my career prospects. I strongly feel that anyone who is interested in culture and heritage should keep a close eye to Imagine IC and learn from its innovative approach not only to intangible heritage, but also to participatory collecting..."

Iliana Tatsi
Research Intern

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